Prog Synch Listen: Gong: (We) Tried So Hard

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Re: Prog Synch Listen: Gong: Now space whispering!

Postby kath » 26 Jun 2020, 22:27

C wrote:
kath wrote:
but as far as long sync listens in general go, we pulled a five album run one time, mwhahahahaaa

That was a corker - Tangerine Dream


it was phenomenal. we were all just blithering by the end of it, he ehehehehe. who was it... i think it was lord whoever number/dex/edna/whothefucqueareyouanyway/whatever who caught the beginning. left to eat dinner or some such. may've fallen alseep. came back and we were still at it. mwhahahaha.

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Re: Prog Synch Listen: Gong, Friday 26th June @ 9pm [UK]

Postby Johnny Fartpants » 26 Jun 2020, 23:26

kath wrote:
Johnny Fartpants wrote:I'm already polishing my cape!

it's a fartpants!

ya knowww, the most fun i ever had in a prog cup was the year you played. you kept swishing yer cape and stroking yer beard for days on end, mwhahahha. you got to either the semi-finals or the finals, as i recall.

i hope all is well with you, ya batty bastard.

I’m alright thanks Kath! And yeah, I got to the semi-final of the Prog Cup, despite knowing nothing about Prog! :lol:
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