Help me identify a female musician

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Re: Help me identify a female musician

Postby 50 Shades Of Blue » 10 Jun 2020, 12:28

Minnie the Minx wrote:I'd rate em like this:

1. Felt Mountain/Black Cherry
2. Seventh Tree
3. Tales of Us
4. Supernature
5. Silver Eye
6. Head First

Felt Mountain is such an extraordinary album, but it is so completely different from Black Cherry and I love them both equally. Seventh Tree is beautiful, and has sentimental value to me (we used the instrumental of 'Clowns' as the entrance to the wedding). Tales of Us is not a million miles away from Seventh Tree, and I recommend watching the corresponding film. Supernature has a couple of great tracks but I find most of it a bit meh. I just never clicked with Head First and I have only listened to Silver Eye about three times. I probably should go and dig in to them again and see if my opinion changes.

Thanks, interesting reading your post along with Deebank's below it. I bought the first 3 albums and then checked out. Will give them a spin at some point to see what I think of them now.
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Re: Help me identify a female musician

Postby Tom Waits For No One » 10 Jun 2020, 18:53

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