Gabi Delgado-Lopez

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Jumper K
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Gabi Delgado-Lopez

Postby Jumper K » 22 May 2020, 10:24

Not sure if its been marked here before but I was surprised to learn that Gabi had passed in March.
Why should I care? Well, DAF were a significant band for me in that they led to an interest in electronic music, early Techno particulary. As most of us of a certain age may well have done I discovered them via Peel. They had started earlier as a drum and stylophone duo!I had obviously heard Kraftwerk but had not really connected with the, to me, rather glacial and uninvolving sound. What appealed with DAF was the brutal, minimalist, pulsating music, the strange, alien lyrics delivered in Gabi's guttural style. and the unspoken promise of sordid encounters at a dingy club, dripping with sweat and lust. The music was just so suggestive, downright thrilling and feral. To my ears it possessed a wild, anarchic quality wrapped in a punk aesthetic, but at the same time, disciplined and offering rigidity in its structure.

I saw them live a few times, notably at Heaven in Charing Cross on particularly wild weekend that involved traipsing around central London searching for the next cheap thrill. It was marvellous, a celebration of a new, to me, culture and in the live setting, a vindication of all the promise I had expected and demanded.

I shall play Fur Immer tonight and toast Gabi and Robert. Another part of my youth fades off into the distance.
RIP Gabi.

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Re: Gabi Delgado-Lopez

Postby never/ever » 22 May 2020, 11:40

I was pretty shocked myself when I heard about his death,; DAF performed at the Melbourne Music Week last year to rapturous applause and they still seemed to have purpose beyond that.

I grew up at a time that I was hooked on electronic music and Der Rauber and Der Mussolini were played in student discos everywhere. I liked the ramshackle way and seemingly simple songs that had a way to wrongfoot you. They had a big influence on bands like Cabaret Voltaire and the Belgian electrobeat-scene, I think more direct than Kraftwerk was. And they were funny too.

RIP Gabi.
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Re: Gabi Delgado-Lopez

Postby Darkness_Fish » 23 May 2020, 20:25

I think I started a thread on here when he died, I'm not sure. Yeah, I like 'em a lot, too, I got the DAS IST DAF boxset for Christmas. Ithink when I frst got into industrial and EBM I saw them as too stripped back and minimalist for my taste, my acceptance of electronic music is largely based on the cold English synth-pop aesthetic, and despite emerging at the same time, one thing they weren't is cold. I kind of worked back to them over the years, partly through a love of EBM (yeah, I'm that guy), but partially through a fascination with the music of Chrislo Haas, who was some kind of nomadic, chaotic electronic genius. Who also died far too young.

They pretty much stand apart for the era, with all the different music scenes going on, they weren't really synthpop (too hedonistic), weren't really NDW (too club-based), they didn't fit anywhere. And that's rarely been a bad thing; it's the sign of a pioneer. Percussive, sweaty brilliance.
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