Moon Martin RIP

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Walk In My Shadow
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Moon Martin RIP

Postby Walk In My Shadow » 15 May 2020, 22:04

Bad case of loving you, Cadillac walk, Rolene.

Dead at 69


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50 Shades Of Blue
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Re: Moon Martin RIP

Postby 50 Shades Of Blue » 16 May 2020, 00:21

Walk In My Shadow wrote:Bad case of loving you, Cadillac walk, Rolene.

Dead at 69

Thought i had a vinyl copy of his 1st album but can find no sign of it.
He suffered from poor production and the known versions of his songs above are not his.
However, I'm sure he enjoyed the royalty cheques via Mr Palmer

It really has been musician RIP carnage in the last 10 days.
Jerry Lee Lewis sees off another young buck.
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Re: Moon Martin RIP

Postby Neige » 16 May 2020, 16:20

Robert Palmer's version of Bad Case of Loving You made me aware of Moon, some other great songs were Bad News, Hot Nite in Dallas ...

... or this in spite or because of the synth-heavy 80's production, you take your pick...

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Carlisle Wheeling
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Re: Moon Martin RIP

Postby Carlisle Wheeling » 18 May 2020, 16:31

He sure could write a tune! The production was often a limiting factor for me but the songs were always strong.

Today, I'd go for Aces With You