Louie Louie

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Louie Louie

Postby solarskope » 31 Dec 2019, 07:44

C wrote:
I remember some of them when they were nice boys - G for example.

But Coan has changed them

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Re: Louie Louie

Postby Jimbo » 31 Dec 2019, 08:01

Sang it with my band when I was 15. Never could get the lyrics right.

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Re: Louie Louie

Postby Pool Hall Richard » 31 Dec 2019, 21:28

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Re: Louie Louie

Postby toomanyhatz » 31 Dec 2019, 21:46

It's undeniable. The 5th being minor is the money shot.

The Kingsmen's version is the one that's been covered to death and as far as I'm concerned nobody's come close to bettering it. Despite the fact that every garage band - including a bunch that are better bands than the Kingsmen - had to try it once.
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Re: Louie Louie

Postby Rayge » 31 Dec 2019, 23:28

Yep, bought it when it came out (and a lot of their follow-up singles, too). It was like it was from Mars, heard nothing remotely similar before — Richard Berry's original, where you can hear the words, was still in my future
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Re: Louie Louie

Postby Matt Wilson » 01 Jan 2020, 04:44

The original garage rock song.

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Re: Louie Louie

Postby GoogaMooga » 01 Jan 2020, 05:09

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