is this the best song ever?

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is this the best song ever?

Postby HEN » 26 Oct 2019, 21:38


GoogaMooga wrote:Alright everybody, the latest thrift shop discovery is, in one word, WOW...!

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Re: is this the best song ever?

Postby Dokter Rokster » 26 Oct 2019, 22:02


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Re: is this the best song ever?

Postby GoogaMooga » 26 Oct 2019, 23:20

HEN wrote:desist.steve?

In 1967 it certainly filled a gap and addressed a particular inner city kind of tedium, where half hours turn into hours, in a continuum of diminishing hope. It was the best thing on a remarkable album, but it's no "Yesterday". :mrgreen:
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