"Sh-Boom (Life Could be a Dream)" (1954)

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"Sh-Boom (Life Could be a Dream)" (1954)

Postby GoogaMooga » 09 Oct 2019, 05:15

I'm listening to the lovely Atlantic Soul 3CD mini box, and the Chords come on. With the original "Sh-Boom (Life Could be a Dream)", which the Crew-Cuts had the bigger hit with. It was the Chords' only hit, #2 R&B/#9 pop in 1954. That same year, the Canadian vocal group Crew-Cuts recorded a cover of it for Mercury, which spent nine whole weeks at #1. Not surprisingly, I am more familiar with the cover, and even the youtube stats speak for themselves: 6.9m hits for Chords and 11m hits for Crew-Cuts. Both songs are elegant, joyous doo wop, but of course the Chords' original has that bit more edge, a bit more swing. So let's have a poll, I'd be very surprised if the Chords don't walk off with this.

The Chords

The Crew-Cuts
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