Vinyl Fever

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Re: Vinyl Fever

Postby Count Machuki » 07 Oct 2019, 22:38

Minnie the Minx wrote:
Count Machuki wrote:I'm up to 5,000 records now. It's such an issue.

What's worse, only three of them are any good!

Replicas, Pleasure Principle and Telekon right?

:shock: uncanny! HOW DID YOU KNOW?!
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Re: Vinyl Fever

Postby Minnie the Minx » 07 Oct 2019, 22:40

*taps nose*
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Dr Markus wrote:
Someone in your line of work usually as their own man cave aka the shed we're they can potter around fixing stuff or something don't they?

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Re: Vinyl Fever

Postby Oscar » 12 Oct 2019, 16:48

dgs wrote:No richter?

Never had any Richter on vinyl. And don't set me off.