Question for Springstonians

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Question for Springstonians

Postby Walk In My Shadow » 27 Sep 2019, 20:23

Yesterday I shangaid at what you would call Poundland a Springsteen cd called 'The best of bound for glory'. Makes me suspect there's a bigger box out there called Bound for glory. But that's not the point.

It consists of 1973 radio broadcast (reasonable quality).

But. There's one song called 'Tokyo'. Never seen the title, never heard the song (it's with full band).

Could this be one that morphed into another as Bruce was wont to do sometimes.

Any light on this?

P.S. the cd opens with Satin Doll, a short dixieland instrumental. Not the Doll I remember, so probably not Springsteen.


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Re: Question for Springstonians

Postby Neige » 27 Sep 2019, 20:54

Well it's a radio broadcast from 1973, the amazon blurb says:

... Greetings From Asbury Park saw the light of day in early 73, and within the week Springsteen, with a little help from three of the soon to be named East Street Band, were performing their first ever radio broadcast, aired on Boston's WBCN FM. A quite remarkable performance ensued with Bruce and the boys in excellent humour and fine form as they played a terrific set, although remarkably including just one cut from Greetings. (...) The second show featured on this disc is Bruce s very first broadcast from the Main Point venue in Bryn Mawr, just outside Philadelphia - the venue at which Bruce s most prestigious and highly regarded broadcast was made, the astonishing 1975 gig that has also recently been released. This April 1973 set differs widely from the January 73 show as the full band (drummer Vini Lopez joins proceedings) rock out, and comparisons with the largely acoustic Boston broadcast remain fascinating. That was pretty good, Bruce is heard to mutter as the final track of this broadcast draws to a close - providing the perfect understatement for the burgeoning talent heard maturing in these two broadcasts, and equally for the shows themselves, as just one listen to this remarkable CD will testify.

Nothing specific about Tokyo though... :|
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Re: Question for Springstonians

Postby Mike Boom » 27 Sep 2019, 21:24

There are a few different versions kicking around, great early song that was a contender for The Wild the Innocent but was left of because there was no room.