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Beyoncé's Homecoming on Netflix

Posted: 08 Jul 2019, 05:06
by GoogaMooga
Finally watched the Beyoncé spectacle, "Homecoming", which Netflix has paid an exorbitant amount for. It's certainly an extravagant show, with over 200 performers - dancers, musicians, and what have you. And there is no doubt that Beyoncé is the biggest star in the world, she looks sensational, sings and dances great, has the Coachella audience in the palm of her hand, but there is something lacking. She really is in dire need of some good tunes. Sure, she's got a set list packed with hits, but they are hits by today's low standards, pumped and jacked up, all fits and starts, a snatch of a melody here, another snatch there. After a while, I just got tired of it all, and started sorting books, with the TV on in the background. It was a hard slog, that show, and it was good to let myself be distracted by other things. Then, much later, I sat down again in front of the TV, thinking I had better watch a bit more, and just as I had sat down, the stage darkened and out came three backlit and silhouetted figures, three tall and slender ladies. Could it be...? The audience roared with excitement, yes, it was - Destiny's Child! The audience was ecstatic, and I sat there with rapt attention. This is what the show had been lacking, some classy songs, some good songcraft. And the girls delivered, Kelly and Michelle every bit as talented and glamorous as the big star. Two songs later, and they were gone, and it was back to overblown tedium. Let's face it, Beyoncé is Beyoncé because of Destiny's Child. They were the last great girl group.