Quicksilver guitarist Gary Duncan. RIP

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Quicksilver guitarist Gary Duncan. RIP

Postby Matt Wilson » 01 Jul 2019, 03:03

https://bestclassicbands.com/gary-dunca ... y-6-29-19/

I've been going through a Quicksilver Messenger Service phase lately and have come to regard their first two LPs as late '60s San Fran classics. Their twin-guitar approach (Duncan with John Cipollina) predates the Allman Bros who did a similar thing a year or so later.

Gary was also in the Brogues of "I Ain't No Miracle Worker" fame for those garage rockers among us.

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Re: Quicksilver guitarist Gary Duncan. RIP

Postby GoogaMooga » 01 Jul 2019, 04:03

Terrible blow, such a huge loss. I absolutely loved QMS, much more so than Allmans. QMS were San Francisco's finest. RIP
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Re: Quicksilver guitarist Gary Duncan. RIP

Postby C » 01 Jul 2019, 10:08

Sad news.

Will have to put Happy Trails on the PSL list...

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Re: Quicksilver guitarist Gary Duncan. RIP

Postby never/ever » 01 Jul 2019, 13:51

Duncan was also a fine songwriter....really a very underrated musician.
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