I Heart Bikini Kill

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I Heart Bikini Kill

Postby bobzilla77 » 08 Jun 2019, 00:49

Their reunion is making me feel feelings.

I saw the Palladium show, the first one of the run, and it was hard to reconcile my memory of how they were portrayed in their day - shrill, harsh, preachier than Minor Threat and offensive to men - with the sheer unfettered JOY coming off that floor. Kathleen is a cheerleader.

And then I realized, it's because these are almost all women in here. There was some angry stuff here and there but hearing five thousand people scream the words "SUCK MY LEFT ONE!" in unison was ... potent.

They are playing London this week, and I recommend going to see them. They sound better than they did in the day, they're all more practiced musicians and are playing their asses off. But more than that I think standing in their audience for a minute is likely to give you a feeling that I don't often encounter at gigs anymore. I was geeking out on them myself, how good they sounded, how funny and cool Toby Vail is, and how massive her drums were sounding. But, I mean... women were losing their shit singing along to these songs.

I saw they brought Joan Jett on stage in Brooklyn the other night, I would have plotzed.
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Re: I Heart Bikini Kill

Postby Matt Wilson » 08 Jun 2019, 16:57

Yeah, they really had something for awhile there in the '90s. I used to love Pussy Whipped, and would crank stuff like "Rebel Girl" and "Blood One" until my ears bled.