Danny Boyle's Yesterday

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Danny Boyle's Yesterday

Postby Snarfyguy » 22 Mar 2019, 19:03


While he's still looking for his big break, musician Jack Malik gets hit by a bus during a global blackout. But when he wakes up to find he's the lone person on Earth who knows of the Beatles and their songbook, Jack has a huge chance at stardom.


Well, what do we think?
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Re: Danny Boyle's Yesterday

Postby Tactful Cactus » 22 Mar 2019, 21:05

I've had that thought experiment many times, I wonder have most here? Its weird to see it played out onscreen. I've also thought about going back in time, hanging with the Beatles and playing songs from the future that they wouldn't know, to impress them. Trying to think of songs that would impress them from the future.

Its a bit a bit like the Flight of the Conchords sketch where they go back in time with a David Bowie chordbook and give it to him to save him time.

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Re: Danny Boyle's Yesterday

Postby The Modernist » 24 Mar 2019, 17:01

It looks a bit cringeworthy to be honest, like Richard Curtis gone hipster.

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Re: Danny Boyle's Yesterday

Postby ChrisChopping » 22 Apr 2019, 14:25

Didn’t Nicholas Lyndhurst do this already?

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Re: Danny Boyle's Yesterday

Postby Positive Passion » 28 Apr 2019, 18:20

Salman Rushdie's "The Ground Beneath Her Feet" has the concept of an alternative history of rock music, though not the time travel bit.