RIP Alex Brown of Gorilla Biscuits

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RIP Alex Brown of Gorilla Biscuits

Postby Shagger Dave » 02 Feb 2019, 14:44

Not sure if it will resonate with many here but Alex Brown, guitarist in Gorilla Biscuits, and prior to that other NYC hardcore stalwarts Side By Side and Project X has died.

I played the shit out of the first Side By Side 7", and I was able to catch one of the rare Project X shows when Youth Of Today bowed out of a gig with Judge, Up Front and Pressure Release and they were a last minute fill in but it was Start Today, the 1989 full length debut by Gorilla Biscuits that blew the doors off. I loved their first 7" on Revelation, and the two tracks on the New York City Hardcore: The Way It Is comp, but that GB album was on heavy, heavy rotation for a long time. And 52 is far too young for a old member of the Youth Crew to go.

He tries.

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Jumper K
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Re: RIP Alex Brown of Gorilla Biscuits

Postby Jumper K » 02 Feb 2019, 22:01

GB are one of my very favourite Bands of the era. Was lucky enough to catch them live the one time. RIP Alex.

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Re: RIP Alex Brown of Gorilla Biscuits

Postby GoogaMooga » 02 Feb 2019, 23:54

Came across the name while doing a bit of research on the Straight Edge hardcore movement, back in '89. RIP
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