Robert Johnson on "Eggheads"!

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Robert Johnson on "Eggheads"!

Postby Bob » 09 Jan 2019, 21:59

Great dumb moment on "Eggheads" (BBC2) this evening. Judith had to choose what style of music Robert Johnson played. In the question Jeremy Vine said something about selling his soul to the Devil. Judith chose:


Anybody got a better example of celebrity ignorance?

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Re: Robert Johnson on "Eggheads"!

Postby Fonz » 10 Jan 2019, 06:51

Paxman. UC.

Hendrix, ‘Voodoo Chile’ was one of the musical questions (‘name the song/artist’)

Contestant says ‘Voodoo Chile’

Paxman says ‘Wrong. It’s Voodoo Chile’ (pronounced chilli-like the country.

What a cock

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