RIP David Cavanagh

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RIP David Cavanagh

Postby Ranking Ted » 30 Dec 2018, 12:22

Great, distinctive writer, full of expressive deep love of his subject. Sounds, Select, Q, Mojo, etc. Top books on John Peel, Creation Records. RIP.

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Re: RIP David Cavanagh

Postby northernsky » 30 Dec 2018, 18:04

Sad to hear that.
Here is a lovely piece about himself and The Triffids:

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Re: RIP David Cavanagh

Postby backwards7 » 30 Dec 2018, 21:32

David could be interviewing, or otherwise ruminating on, an artist who I actively disliked but I would still always read his articles because he was thoughtful and he wrote well. That comes off as damning the man with faint praise, but, like most people on this board, I've read a lot of music journalism and the names of the writers that do stick in the mind often do so for the wrong reasons. When I saw the title of this thread my heart sank a little because one of the good ones has slipped beyond the veil.

David loved The Triffids. Without being exposed to his passion for the band I might never have listened to them. His writing made an impression on me and, no doubt, upon many others.

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Re: RIP David Cavanagh

Postby Ghost of Harry Smith » 31 Dec 2018, 01:07

northernsky wrote:Sad to hear that.
Here is a lovely piece about himself and The Triffids:

I’ve collected copies of most writings on The Triffids, its astonishing how much of it focused on jingoistic cliches of Australianness (kangaroos, dingos and babies, cobber/mate-isms etc.)
Not so David Cavanagh, his hilarious story is the best piece of writing about the band imo, even if it’s more Bildungsroman than live review. I’m really sad to hear of his passing, I’ve read his work throughout my life.

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Re: RIP David Cavanagh

Postby Goat Boy » 31 Dec 2018, 13:20

Griff wrote:The notion that Jeremy Corbyn, a lifelong vocal proponent of antisemitism, would stand in front of an antisemitic mural and commend it is utterly preposterous.

Copehead wrote:a right wing cretin like Berger....bleating about racism

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Re: RIP David Cavanagh

Postby goldstoned » 01 Jan 2019, 00:56

Judging from the pictures online: far far too young. His latest Echo piece was perfect journalism. Telling one story and hinting at Mac's current terrible state in a sympathetic but objective way between the lines.