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Postby CLOWN » 07 Nov 2018, 16:38

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GoogaMooga wrote:
Walk In My Shadow wrote:How's old Zilth, by the way?

He's alright, but not collecting as feverishly as I.

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Re: one for BCB

Postby harvey k-tel » 07 Nov 2018, 16:51

The New Pornographers' Mass Romantic was released 7 months before this, and it shows.
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Re: one for BCB

Postby Goat Boy » 07 Nov 2018, 17:09

It’s REM by numbers but it’s one of the last things they did that I actually thought was quite good

Fucking Stipe though
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Re: one for BCB

Postby sloopjohnc » 07 Nov 2018, 21:16

What does Michael Myers think of it?
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