My second favorite chanson

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My second favorite chanson

Postby GoogaMooga » 20 Oct 2018, 18:06

My favorite is - no surprise - "La Mer", by Charles Trenet. You all know it, in English it's called "Beyond the Sea", a big hit for Bobby Darin. So big in fact, that his biopic got the title "Beyond the Sea".

My second favorite is also by Charles Trenet, and it has a habit of cropping up in French art house pics from yesteryear, Truffaut pics and that sort. It's called "Que reste-t-il de nos amours ?", and is from 1942. Trenet's own recording of it is from 1943. It also got an English cover, though not on the scale of "La Mer": "I Wish You Love", by Keely Smith, one of her signature songs. See what you think of the original by Trenet:

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Re: My second favorite chanson

Postby Muskrat » 20 Oct 2018, 20:05

I love everything about La Mer -- the instrumental arrangement is superb.

On the other hand, it's seriously lacking in the "ra da da da dah" department.

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