Don't Look Back v Save My Soul

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Re: Don't Look Back v Save My Soul

Postby Charlie O. » 10 Sep 2018, 01:05

Bent Fabric wrote:There's something about the way the Remains track "digresses" in the middle that I absolutely love.

Hilarious and exhilarating - and it doesn't even take up as much time as it seems to. It's fucking brilliant, is what it is.

I enjoy "Save My Soul" when I hear it, but it's never really wormed itself into my heart and mind the way "Don't Look Back" did.
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Re: Don't Look Back v Save My Soul

Postby Snarfyguy » 10 Sep 2018, 01:53

Matt Wilson wrote:I like both songs but would take the Remains track if a gun was pointed at me.

From now on when posting here, please imagine there's a gun pointed at you.

Where is Jeff K, btw?

Not heard the WW song before; love it, esp. "Get out of my way, you!"
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Matt Wilson
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Re: Don't Look Back v Save My Soul

Postby Matt Wilson » 10 Sep 2018, 03:00

I don't think it matters, the Remains track is winning anyway.

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The Modernist
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Re: Don't Look Back v Save My Soul

Postby The Modernist » 11 Sep 2018, 03:52

pcqgod wrote:"Save My Soul" is a classic, from that somewhat sinister opening riff to the crazy freakout in the chorus. I wonder if the bass player in that band went on to any lasting musical career.

Apparently not. :(