Brother JT/Original Sins

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Brother JT/Original Sins

Postby Stille Baron » 03 Mar 2018, 01:39

Looks like Brother JT has a new record coming out on Thrill Jockey and it might get a little press (as opposed to the typical Brother JT record). ... ado-juice/

In a more just world, Brother JT would be an underground hero. I suppose he is, but he deserves a slightly higher profile. His records and performances with the Original Sins were as good as anything, and he's kept at it, making crazy records for decades now. When he's at his best, he really synthesizes the bubble gum and super damaged psychedelia. And, of course, he can rock like anyone.

When I was in the Lehigh Valley, I spent many cold nights in the steamy Fun House, and the Original Sins, at the end of their run, would absolutely burn the place down every time. They were as great as anything I've ever seen. He came down to Texas the last time he had a decent push behind a record, and I'll never forget that it ended in him writhing on the ground in his briefs, playing a trumpet. He left it all on the stage, for better or worse.

He's one of those guys that the music just pours out of, and from time to time, he channels something great. I need to dig back into his solo records. Looking at his website, I'm reminded of an old best friend. He's one of those guys that is always doing something, whether it's making weird videos, drawing stuff, writing little pamphlets, making fucked up 4 track recordings, he never stops.

Any other fans? Any favorite Original Sins or Brother JT records?

Here's my go to Sins track that I would put on a comp or reach for first when I was on the radio.

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Re: Brother JT/Original Sins

Postby bobzilla77 » 05 Mar 2018, 23:57

I saw the Original Sins in Trenton in 1988. My friend's band was opening for them, and maybe in an effort to prop him up, we spent all night talking about how much better they were than the headliners. But I have to admit I have absolutely no memory of them. It's possible they were actually great.
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Ray K.
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Re: Brother JT/Original Sins

Postby Ray K. » 08 Mar 2018, 18:31

Saw the Original Sins and Brother JT many times over the years (going back to those late 80s).

One from their "final show" (which was an absolute blast)...

One of the first times I saw them was opening for the Kinks at the Tower Theater (in 88 I think). Those sweaty fat guys were a force. The Kinks were royalty but looked more like my dad while these were the guys you wanted to drink with.