Jesus Jellett

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Jesus Jellett

Postby caramba » 10 Feb 2018, 10:14

Always wondered what had became of him?

Someone shared this on the Mojo Board just before it went tits up. ... 22c0da8765

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Re: Jesus Jellett

Postby The Modernist » 10 Feb 2018, 10:21

I doubt you'll get an answer on here. Although C might remember him! But welcome to the board.

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Re: Jesus Jellett

Postby Walk In My Shadow » 10 Feb 2018, 14:37

First time I've heard that name. Interesting figure.

He probably was C.


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Re: Jesus Jellett

Postby soundchaser » 10 Feb 2018, 17:50

When I was about 12, my brother took too many drugs and was convinced he was Jesus.

Put us through hell, though.

He spent a large portion of his life in mental hospitals and prisons, so being the son of God isn’t all it’s cracked up too be.

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Re: Jesus Jellett

Postby Rayge » 10 Feb 2018, 18:11

I saw him a few times at gigs in London in the 1970s.
His dancing never made sense. I thought he was palsied. Apparently not, though
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Re: Jesus Jellett

Postby Deebank » 12 Feb 2018, 14:24

There were a couple of characters like him in Brighton.
There was Smelly - a hippy who was omnipresent at any gigs - did a great pub quiz in The North Laine; also Roy who would dress as a general or a priest ... or a British Rail guard, mind you I think that one may have been his actual job. There was also Mad Glenn a grinning gangly hippy , who, like Obelix, seemed to have fallen into the ‘potion’ cauldron as a child and never quite came back.
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