Your own ultimate list of albums...only ten!

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Re: Your own ultimate list of albums...only ten!

Postby ConnyOlivetti » 03 Mar 2018, 16:55

Ghost of Harry Smith wrote:
Diamond Dog wrote:Those "Ten Albums That Defined My Life".

Is that how we’re defining “Ultimate”? Some of you have chosen some personal and idiosyncratic favourites; others a list that traces your historical development as a music enthusiast; others offer a top 10 of choices that could be objectively argued as some of the greatest and most significant in the canon.

The latter better fits the actual definition of “ultimate” but is arguably the least interesting approach. Probably overthinking it but my choices for each would differ hugely.

think there is a change of definition,
since I started the thread (and I dont mind that)
probably caused by the trend over at FB regarding 10 album and so on....
(Herd behavior for better or worse)
Charlie O. wrote:I think Coan and Googa are right.

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Re: Your own ultimate list of albums...only ten!

Postby C. » 08 Aug 2018, 07:44

Graham Murakami wrote:Deerhoof - The Magic

C wrote:I said nothing for years but enough is enough.

Lord Rother wrote:Big Big Train’s Gregory Spawton sums it up pretty well

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Re: Your own ultimate list of albums...only ten!

Postby Phenomenal Cat » 19 Aug 2018, 00:53

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