Never Mind the Bollocks turns 40 years old.

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Re: Never Mind the Bollocks turns 40 years old.

Postby Minnie the Minx » 09 Nov 2017, 11:34

At my brother's wedding on Saturday there was a covers band playing who did ska, punk and 60s. We were dancing all night, but the surge to the dance floor when they played Pretty Vacant had no less of an energy than when I first heard it and I'm sure I say the same of everyone else who got up to dance.
I very rarely listen to the album but when I do it's not because I want to appreciate it, but because it makes me feel like I could knock down a brick wall just by looking at it and there are times when I love feeling like that. To that end it has lost none of the magic.
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Re: Never Mind the Bollocks turns 40 years old.

Postby Diamond Dog » 09 Nov 2017, 11:46

Rayge wrote:
Diamond Dog wrote:Like Ray I bought all the singles and had fully been caught up in the hype re the album.

Unlike Ray (and The Bear) the album floored me completely on first listen and just got better every time I listened to it.

Oddly, that's how I remember virtually everyone else who had liked the singles being about it as well.

How old were you in 1977, DD? Did you buy into punk as anything other than a genre of music?

15 Rayge.... Yeah I got the ethos... never got into the dress etc myself, but got the drive of 'the movement'....
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Re: Never Mind the Bollocks turns 40 years old.

Postby pcqgod » 13 Nov 2017, 21:05

I like almost every song on it.
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Re: Never Mind the Bollocks turns 40 years old.

Postby nev gash » 16 Mar 2018, 22:56

Just blasting out the Burton boot, Paul Cook was a monster wasn’t he? On No Lip it’s like he’s riding the music.
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Re: Never Mind the Bollocks turns 40 years old.

Postby Sneelock » 16 Mar 2018, 23:02

they pop up on the bottomless playlist. I especially like EMI and pretty vacant.
PiL has always been more up my alley than Pistols but I do like hearing that guy get his snarl on to a beefy guitar.
it'll never sound as bracing as it once did but it still sounds pretty damned bracing.
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