Morrissey v Rod Stewart

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which of the two following singers do you currently prefer?

Rod Stewart
Total votes: 30

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Re: Morrissey v Rod Stewart

Postby steadyeddie » 22 Sep 2017, 22:29

Our Frank or Motown Song?
Tough one that is from the long hot summer of 1991
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Re: Morrissey v Rod Stewart

Postby Thang-y » 23 Sep 2017, 07:02

Jeemo wrote:Morrissey not least because Rod would and has sung any old shite if he thought it would sell.

That's what I meant. *ker-ching*

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Re: Morrissey v Rod Stewart

Postby JQW » 24 Sep 2017, 00:25

Rod is probably a better novelist.
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Re: Morrissey v Rod Stewart

Postby Joe Baxter » 24 Sep 2017, 00:29

I've never enjoyed anything I've heard with Morrissey singing, so Rod, who was pretty damn good at his best, by default.