Dio does Doo-wop!

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Dio does Doo-wop!

Postby toomanyhatz » 16 Jul 2017, 02:37

A friend of mine posted this one Facebook. Did not know about this. It's really good! And not just for shock factor. I mean, if I heard this on a comp I'd wonder whatever happened to them.

http://societyofrock.com/late-metal-leg ... your-mind/

Was also not aware he was that old.
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Re: Dio does Doo-wop!

Postby bobzilla77 » 18 Jul 2017, 17:28

You could call it Dio-wop but that comes out as an unintentional ethnic slur.
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Re: Dio does Doo-wop!

Postby trans-chigley express » 19 Jul 2017, 05:19

toomanyhatz wrote:
Was also not aware he was that old.

That guy always seemed old :lol:

I've heard about his old recordings but never actually heard any it (never even heard any Elf either for that matter) and he sounds so different. Occasionally when he's singing a ballad like Rainbow Eyes or the opening to Sign of the Southern Cross, he'll croon a bit.

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