David Bowie RIP

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Re: David Bowie RIP

Postby never/ever » 20 Aug 2017, 09:29

Mine too... with the subsequent tour and the wonderful car park send-off we gave the band after the Sydney gig, one of the most vivid moments for me.

Haven't played Blackstar in a long time...
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Tom Waits For No One
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Re: David Bowie RIP

Postby Tom Waits For No One » 09 Oct 2017, 23:46

A kid swapping a fishing rod for a Dr. Feelgood album.

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Re: David Bowie RIP

Postby Muskrat » 10 Oct 2017, 00:42

David Bowie died?
Things that a fella can't forget...

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Matt Wilson
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Re: David Bowie RIP

Postby Matt Wilson » 10 Oct 2017, 01:04

They'll never get over it.

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The Modernist
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Re: David Bowie RIP

Postby The Modernist » 10 Oct 2017, 02:23

Tom Waits For No One wrote:

Well that was 3 minutes I'll not get back.

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Re: David Bowie RIP

Postby Diamond Dog » 15 Oct 2017, 16:53

A lovely Bowie story :

http://neil-gaiman.tumblr.com/post/1660 ... old-anyone

You can imagine him doing exactly that, can't you?
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Pat O'Banton
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Re: David Bowie RIP

Postby Pat O'Banton » 15 Oct 2017, 18:23

Fabulous. What a wonderful man.
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