The Jazz Workshop #2

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Re: The Jazz Workshop #2

Postby clive gash » 07 Dec 2018, 16:04

It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man.

Diamond Dog quite clearly hit the target with you and your nonce...

...a multitude of innuendo and hearsay...

...I'm producing facts here...

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Re: The Jazz Workshop #2

Postby fange » 07 Dec 2018, 16:20

clive gash wrote:

A Joe Henderson retrospective.

I was thinking of posting that yesterday but thought no fucker would care. Nice one, gashy.
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Re: The Jazz Workshop #2

Postby Jimbly » 04 May 2019, 21:56

Picked up a few cds while in Edinburgh last week

Alice Coltrane - Universal Consciousness/Lord Of Lords
Lee Morgan - Dizzy Atmosphere/Here's Lee Morgan/Leeway/Expoobident
Horace Silver - 12 Classic Albums 1953-1962

£20 the lot.
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